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Canadian Vascular Network Scholar Award Application Details

The Canadian Vascular Network, a CIHR funded Emerging Network, in partnership with Hypertension Canada, is recruiting talented graduate (Masters and PhD) Post-Doctoral, and MD (residents, fellows) candidates for the CVN Scholar Award, a two-year salary matching or salary top-up grant.

The Vascular Network is a multi-disciplinary, pan-Canadian group of researchers committed to improving the health of all Canadians through innovative and effective prevention and detection of vascular conditions. By working together, investigators in the Vascular Network aim to break down barriers between disciplines and vascular diseases.

The CVN Scholar Award is intended to support work that addresses the CVN’s priority research areas:

  1. Identifying targets for early detection strategies for populations at high risk for vascular diseases
  2. Using large study cohorts to identify novel biomarkers of microvascular dysfunction which could be used for early detection of vascular disease
  3. Development of robust preclinical models of vascular cognitive impairment (VCI)
  4. Prevalence and management of vascular disease risk factors in primary care settings in Canada
  5. Inventory of models for the prevention and management of vascular conditions in Canada
  6. Development of quality indicators to evaluate process, structure, and outcomes of programs in vascular prevention and management

In addition to its current priority research areas related to small vessel disease (SVD) in the context of vascular cognitive impairment (VCI) and hypertension, the Vascular Network encourages applications that relate to SVD in heart failure and preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) and pulmonary hypertension.

Specific to hypertension, preference will be given to Hypertension Canada’s priorities identified across CIHR pillars and/or the top patient- and clinician-informed research questions, appended to this application.

CVN Scholar Award recipients are required to present their work at Hypertension Canada’s annual scientific conference (the Canadian Hypertension Congress) and to provide annual reports to keep the CVN and Hypertension Canada abreast of progress.

Successful applicants will engage in the design, analysis, write-up, publication, and presentation of research results and will be provided with opportunities to get involved in exciting new projects. The CVN Scholars may have opportunity to take on the following leadership roles: writing grants, heading videoconferences, participating in committee meetings, and running workshops.


Students are encouraged to apply if they meet ALL of the following conditions:

  • Masters, PhD, MD (fellow or resident), or Post-doctoral candidate currently attending or planning to attend a recognized educational institution in Canada interested in working on one of the priority areas stated above
  • An existing Vascular Network Investigator has agreed to be the primary supervisor for the project and can provide a sponsor letter
  • Already receiving or are eligible to apply for matching funds from an institution, funding agency, or industry
  • Talented, creative, and committed to improving the health of Canadians by furthering the field of vascular health
  • Has not received a CVN Scholar Award previously

Support of the CVN Scholar Award:

  • The CVN Scholar Award funding will consist of the following salary support over two (2) years, with matching funds from the Scholars’ host institution, for a grand total of $25,000 (Masters’ and Ph.D) and $50,000 (Post Doctoral Fellows):
    • Masters’ and Ph.D – $12,500 annually (matched funding: $12,500 per year)
    • Post Doctoral/MD Fellow – $25,000 annually (matched funding: $25,000 per year)

Note: Applicants with existing external, non-CVN or non-Hypertension Canada scholarship at $15,000 per year or greater, are encouraged to apply for a top-up award of $5,000 per year.

Interested candidates should complete the CVN Scholar Award application form and follow the included application instructions. Number of awards distributed will depend on funding availability. These CVN Scholar Awards are non-transferable. In the event that a Scholar completes his/her academic program before the funding period is complete, the Scholar Award recipient is required to notify the CVN administration to terminate the award. Further, if the Scholar receives a scholarship during CVN Scholar award period, he or she will need to inform the CVN and the Scholar Award will be changed to a “top up” award.

All questions regarding this posting and the application process should be directed to Crystal Ceres at [email protected].

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