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The RxPATH randomized trial of the Hypertension Canada Professional Certification

Program: A novel implementation strategy for hypertension guidelines
Ross T. Tsuyuki, Kaitlyn E. Watson, Bo Pan, Yazid N. Al Hamarneh
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. Canada

RxPATH ISH 2022 (.pdf)

(June 14, 2021) – Commentary: Refocusing on hypertension control in Canada

(May 31, 2021) –  Vulnerable Populations in Canada Need Earlier Access to Second Doses of COVID-19 Vaccines

(April 20, 2021) –  Patient Statement on Thiazide Diuretics and Skin Cancer

(March 2021) –  Congratulations to Dr. Hachinski on receiving the Weston Brain Institute grant which Hypertension Canada is proud to have supported

More people than you think have comorbidities — and why it matters

(December 21, 2020) – “Candace Cook, top right, a wife and mother who lives in Edmonton, says as a cancer patient, her health can change on a dime. To think about getting COVID-19 when my lungs are already very compromised is pretty scary.”

The NP News: Hypertension in Older Women

(Sep/Oct 2020) – “Also published in Canadian Family Physician and Canadian Pharmacists Journal “

‘We did the right thing:’ Medical journals are retracting columns on a Toronto newborn’s death afterreviews conclude the findings were ‘unreliable’

(November 18, 2020) – Two Canadian medical journals are retracting columns about a seminal Toronto case that prompted health agencies around the world to caution against giving codeine to nursing mothers for pain relief.

Women Under Pressure – Hypertension Canada’s message on World Hypertension Day

(October 17, 2020) – High blood pressure (Hypertension) is the single most important risk factor for premature death and disability. However, did you know that it is both highly preventable and controllable?

Notice of Annual General Meeting

(Monday October 25, 2021) – 2021 Annual General Meeting video
Meeting video

(November 16, 2020) – Hypertension Canada Notice of Annual General Meeting 1:30pm – 3:30pm ET Via Zoom
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The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Control Hypertension

(October 7, 2020) – Today, Surgeon General VADM Jerome M. Adams, M.D., M.P.H., issued a Call to Action urging Americans to recognize and address hypertension control as a national, public health priority.

President of Hypertension Canada, Dr. Nadia Khan featured on CBC Radio

(March 18, 2020) – President of Hypertension Canada, Dr. Nadia Khan has been featured on CBC Radio Canada to address the link between COVID-19, high blood pressure, and ACE-Inhibitors.

Hypertension Canada’s Statement on:
Hypertension, ACE-Inhibitors and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers and COVID-19

(March 13, 2020) – Our expert network is examining reports emerging from the COVID-19 outbreak in China which provided preliminary evidence that hypertension may be associated with an increased risk of mortality in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

University of Alberta based start-up, mmHg Inc.

(November 21, 2019) – mmHg Inc. is a University of Alberta based start-up developing software and hardware innovations to enable best practice in blood pressure measurement.

Hypertension Canada Announces 2019-2020 Board of Directors

(November 5, 2019) – Hypertension Canada is pleased to announce the 2019-2020 Board of Directors and appointment of Vice President, following the elections at its Annual General Meeting on September 26, in Edmonton, Alberta.

Dr. Ross Feldman, Hypertension Canada founding President, appointed to the Order of Canada

(January 17, 2019) – Hypertension Canada celebrates the appointment of its founding president Dr. Ross Feldman, as Member of the Order of Canada for his leadership in the prevention and control of hypertension in Canada.

Hypertension Canada’s Blood Pressure Measurement (BPM) Device Recommendation Program

(October 15, 2018) – Hypertension Canada recommends that health care professionals, pharmacists, and the general public only use validated blood pressure monitors.

The Big Mistake In Blood Pressure Measurement

(April 30, 2018) – Blood pressure machines for home use are not always accurate and may give falsely high or low readings that could affect how people look after their health.

Hypertension Canada responds to Saskatchewan Physician Pushback

(April 17, 2018) – Patients should be wary of simple solutions.

Hypertension Canada responds to 2017 AHA Guidelines

(December 11, 2017) – This month the American Heart Association (AHA) released new hypertension guidelines. They now align more closely with the 2017 Hypertension Canada Guidelines, with some differences.

Announcing Appointment of New Chair in Hypertension Prevention and Control

(November 2, 2017) – We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Janusz Kaczorowski as the new Chair in Hypertension Prevention and Control.

Letter to National Post: “Why we should embrace the salt shaker, not shun it”

(August 11, 2017) – Hypertension Canada President and Guidelines Committee Co-Chair counter assertions for an unrestricted salt-intake diet.

Canada’s Silent Killer Rapidly Increasing in Children

(May 17, 2017) – Hypertension Canada recently published new guidelines in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology for Canadian youth diagnosed with hypertension. The 2017 Guidelines for the Diagnosis, Assessment, Prevention, and Treatment of Pediatric Hypertension are the first of their kind to be implemented in Canada.

Support for CPhA’s national report on the benefits of pharmacist intervention in hypertension

(March 29, 2017) – Hypertension Canada supports the Canadian Pharmacists’ Association’s Cost-effectiveness of pharmacist care for managing hypertension study. All health care professionals including pharmacists, have an important opportunity to advance control rates and ensure all Canadians avoid the potentially devastating complications of hypertension.

Hypertension Canada Guidelines receive international recognition(.pdf)

(January 16, 2017) – Hypertension Canada prides itself in being a leader in the prevention and control of high blood pressure, both nationally and abroad. In fact, our dedicated work has resulted in Canadians having the best-controlled blood pressure rates in the world.

Hypertension Canada Announces Appointment of President and 2016-2017 Board of Directors

(January 10, 2017) – Hypertension Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Nadia Khan as President following the 2016-2017 elections at its Annual General Meeting on October 20, in Montreal, Quebec.

Hypertension Canada welcomes new hypertension prevention program

(October 28, 2016) – Hypertension Canada, Canada’s national organization for the prevention and control of hypertension and its complications, today welcomed the announcement of investments into a new national hypertension prevention program, the Community Hypertension Prevention Initiative (CHPI).

Hypertension Canada Announces Appointment of President and 2015-2016 Board of Directors (.pdf)

(November 12, 2015) – Hypertension Canada, the nation’s provider of the hypertension clinical practice guidelines, is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Directors to its Board following the 2015-2016 elections at its Annual General Meeting on October 24th in Mississauga, Ontario.

Hypertension Canada Responds to SPRINT Results (.pdf)

(November 9, 2015) – Hypertension Canada, Canada’s national organization for the prevention and control of hypertension and its complications, welcomed the release of the results of the U.S. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (SPRINT), presented earlier today at the American Heart Association’s annual scientific meeting in Orlando.

Media Advisory: Results of New Research in High Blood Pressure Management Expected Today (.pdf)

(November 9, 2015) – SPRINT studied the results of controlling systolic blood pressure to a target of less than 120 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) among a select group of patients over the age of 50, compared to reducing blood pressure to the more commonly recommended level of less than 140 mm Hg. Hypertension Canada will be reviewing the SPRINT results and will be available for comment.

Letter to the Editor: The Journal of the American Medical Association – RE: ‘Specialty Society Clinical Practice Guidelines: Time for Evolution or Revolution?’ (.pdf)

(October 7, 2015) – In their recently published Viewpoint on specialty society clinical practice guidelines (CPGs), Classen and Mermel call for CPGs that are practical, implementable, tied to outcomes assessment, and updated with suitable frequency. We agree, and offer the Canadian Hypertension Education Program (CHEP) Recommendations as an example of the embodiment of these principles.

Hypertension Society Founder Recognized for Innovative Research and Dedication to Field

(September 25, 2015) – Hypertension Canada is pleased to present the 2015 Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Martin Myers, Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto and member of the Division of Cardiology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

National Survey Reveals Many Canadians Unaware of Links Between High Blood Pressure and Dementia, Other Serious Conditions (.pdf)

(May 11, 2015) – Long known as a risk factor for heart disease, stroke and kidney disease, a recent national survey indicates that two-thirds of Canadians are unaware that high blood pressure, or hypertension, may also be linked to dementia.

Salty Surprise! A week-long social media campaign will raise awareness about high levels of sodium in foods perceived to be healthy (.pdf)

(March 16, 2015) – Thanks to sustained efforts by the media, governments and NGOs, Canadians are increasingly aware of the high levels of sodium in certain restaurant and prepared foods.

Strength all Around: Health Care Professionals rally around Hypertension Canada’s call for Healthy Environments (.pdf)

(October 30, 2014) – More than two hundred health care professionals – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians and researchers – gathered last week at the Canadian Hypertension Congress to share the latest research, advance best practices and discuss new approaches in the systemic fight against hypertension in Canada.

Hypertension Canada Announces Appointment of President and 2014-15 Board of Directors (.pdf)

(October 27, 2014) – Hypertension Canada announces the appointment of internationally recognized scientist, Dr. Ernesto Schiffrin, C.M., to President, directly following the election of its 2014-2015 Board of Directors at its October 18th Annual General Meeting in Gatineau, Quebec.

New Research, Innovations in Front-line Care and Changes to CHEP Recommendations are set to Lower Canada’s Blood Pressure: Proposed changes to hypertension recommendations may help to avoid unnecessary prescriptions (.pdf)

(October 18, 2014) – A working group has convened in Gatineau to review the latest research and recommend changes to Hypertension Canada’s CHEP recommendations for the prevention and treatment of hypertension. Changes are proposed to blood pressure measurement, the key to diagnosing hypertension.

Beyond the Salt Debate: Shaking up Canada’s Approach to Hypertension: Expert panel to discuss whether or not Canada is doing enough – or too much – to control a silent killer (.pdf)

(October 14, 2014) – Recently published controversial studies have ignited debate about whether or not recommendations for dietary sodium limits for Canadians are too high or too low. The ensuing discussion in the media, however, raised other important questions.

Companies and individuals create supportive environments for hypertension prevention and control (.pdf)

(October 11, 2014) – Hypertension Canada is pleased to present its 2014 Certificates of Excellence to five companies and individuals who have helped to create the supportive environments that people need to prevent and manage hypertension.

Fresh perspectives set the stage for innovation (.pdf)

(October 7, 2014) – Hypertension Canada is pleased to present its 2014 Jacques de Champlain New Investigator Award to Dr. Styliani Stella Daskalopoulou, McGill University Health Centre and McGill University. This annual award celebrates the brightest new minds in hypertension research.

Canadian researchers aiming for global gains in hypertension prevention and control (.pdf)

(October 2, 2014) – Hypertension Canada is pleased to present its 2014 Senior Investigator Awards to Dr. Alexander Logan, Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto, and Dr. Raj Padwal, Director, Hypertension Clinic, University of Alberta.

Dedicated public health activist recognized for national advocacy leadership in sodium reduction (.pdf)

(October 1, 2014) – Hypertension Canada is very pleased to announce Bill Jeffery, LLB, National Coordinator of the Centre for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) as the 2014 George Fodor Award recipient.