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Creating Supportive Environments

The 2011-2020 Pan Canadian Hypertension Framework outlines the recent history of the effort to prevent and control hypertension, current efforts and what is required in the future. Highlights:

Overarching recommendations:

  • Build healthy public policy
  • Reorient/redesign the health services delivery system
  • Build partnerships to create supportive environments and evolve the health care system
  • Strengthen community action
  • Develop personal skills for better self‐management
  • Improve decision support
  • Optimize information systems

Download the 2011-2020 Pan Canadian Hypertension Framework (.pdf)

The 2011-2020 Pan Canadian Hypertension Framework

Hypertension Canada and the Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF)/Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Chair in Hypertension Prevention and Control reported on progress towards the 2020 targets at the Framework’s midpoint, to reprioritize actions to achieve its objectives: to save lives, improve quality of life and reduce health care costs.