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What’s your number?

Knowing your number is the first step to keep or achieve healthy blood pressure. Throughout the month of May for Hypertension Month, pharmacies across Canada are holding blood pressure screenings.

Click here to find the measurement location closest to you. If there is not a location close to you, you can use the blood pressure measurement devices available to the public in many pharmacies at your leisure, or consult with your health professional. Share your blood pressure measurements on Twitter with the hashtag #HypertensionMonth to encourage others to do the same.

Click here to print a take-away card to measure your blood pressure.

Knowledge is power! Get the facts on hypertension – what causes it, how it’s treated, what your numbers mean, and much more.

Download a Healthy Eating, Healthy Blood Pressure booklet

Choosing A Blood Pressure Monitor

There are a lot of blood pressure monitors out there, and it can be hard to know which one to choose or what to look for. See a list of Hypertension Canada recommended devices.

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