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Hypertension Canada Professional Certification Program

Instructions: Please complete the form below to register for the Hypertension Canada Professional Certification Program. Enrollment information, including your login details, will be sent via email with your registration confirmation.
Please note: This pilot program has been designed for pharmacists. If you are not a pharmacist but would like to take this program now, we would advise registering for Level 1 ONLY.

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Hypertension Canada Professional Certification Program Levels

Please select the program level you would like to register for.
Note: Successful completion of Level 1 is required to register for Level 2

Level 1 – Hypertension Fundamentals – $400

Level 1 encompasses the fundamentals of hypertension; from the epidemiology and pathophysiology of the condition, to screening, diagnosis and management. The self-paced learning modules allow pharmacists the flexibility to work according to their schedules, with comprehension testing and access to a suite of practical tools and resources.

While students are encouraged to go through the modules at their own pace, the recommended timeframe for completion is 2-3 months. Level 1 graduates will receive a certificate of completion and are eligible for enrollment in Level 2.

Modules and Competencies (PDF)


  • 4 online learning modules
  • Comprehension testing
  • Blood pressure measurement assignment

Time commitment: Approximately 15 hours

Level 2 – Mastery and Application – $350

Level 2 allows pharmacists to demonstrate practical application of the knowledge and competencies acquired in Level 1, using real-world cases and a final examination facilitated by a hypertension expert. Students will have 6 weeks to complete Level 2, and once passed, will receive certification in hypertension management from Hypertension Canada.


  • Decision-making with respect to pharmacologic management of hypertension
  • Completion of three patient case assessments, including follow-up

Time commitment: Approximately 20 hours

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